Are you a Realtor?  In Canada or the U.S.  If you buy leads you are doing so at your own peril.  In the summer of 2011, a very nice lady called me and told me that they provide “good” leads for $100.00 a pop and signup fee is $1000.  Plus they would replace any leads that were “bad”?  No risk to you.

Their website:

Well, being a business man and that the investment was only $1000 and they’d replace any leads that are “bad”… it seemed like a no brainer.

Well was I mistaken.

Six months in, 7 referrals later of which not one was a legitimate lead… I’m out $400 and they won’t refund me the balance.  Even when I asked a couple of months ago.  They quoted me the fine print, instead of customer service.

What can I say?  Hey if I can be duped so can many of the new agents out there or the veterans that are finding it difficult to keep up in this fast paced internet economy and thinking maybe 1 referral will work out and pay for the initial cost.

How am I out $400?  After all, if the lead is no good, it should be replaced and I shouldn’t be charged?

Well it seems like they are playing a game.  They charge you $100 for the lead.  You tell them it is no good.  They replace it.  The replacement lead is no good again.  Now they don’t replace the second bad lead they send you!

So in essence they can milk you down to zero and not provide you a single good working lead it appears.

What type of leads are they?

The same that you would get on your own website.  Actually worse as these leads are from generic websites that have no branding of yours.  Sometimes they are a few days old and as you know from the Real Estate business if you don’t contact people within 24 hours they’ve already moved on.  Most of them are just browsing the internet and aren’t serious to buy.  Some don’t answer their phones and I have yet to book a single face-to-face meeting.

How do they confirm the legitimacy of the lead?  I’ve been told by making a phone call to see if the contact information is good along with some questions.

My advice to any REALTOR looking for leads.  Knock on doors, Cold Call, Phone Expireds, FSBOS, Write Blogs,  Talk to family and friends and let them know you are looking for business.  But stay far, far away from sites that offer Leads, especially with an initial upfront cost to you!

Good Luck in your business!
Jas Jagpal,

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