Beautiful GardenIf your childhood was anything like mine, you heard condesending remarks from  your parents, depending on their mood swings.  Sometimes they’d encourage you and make you feel like a super star and at other times make you feel like an idiot.  You probably were neither, but it felt a lot better dreaming of being superman than a super-idot.

Now having three kids of my own, I realize that I’m mimicking the exact same behavior to my kids.  Sometimes I catch myself doing it and quickly shift gears to neutralize what I’ve said… and other times, too stubborn to make the shift.

I’ve realized that, I’m embedding the same negative thoughts in their subconscious mind and I’d be better off teaching them to understand how the subconscious works, so they can empower themselves and hold a belief system of  “It’s possible!” and not live life thinking “What if…!”

Are you trapped in the past?  Thoughts of what if?  Feelings of inadequacies? Guilt, fear, not me, etc.?

Then it’s time to change your “belief” system too.  The best analogy I’ve learnt so far is the following and I hope it will help you!

Just know that your conscious mind influences your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind gives power to these thoughts.

For Example.
You are a Gardener.  Every conscious thought you have is like a seed.  You subconscious is the soil.  Your subconscious mind does not care or control what seeds you plant in it.  So if your seeds (thoughts) are of fear, guilt, inadequacies, poor me, I’m not…etc.  guess what will happen?  Your subconscious mind will grow these seeds, making these your dominant thoughts and beliefs and your life will mirror this garden.

That is why it is critical as the “gardener” of your thoughts (beliefs)… you control what enters and is given voice to in your subconscious mind, by daily reflections & affirmations and not letting negative media, books, magazines, radio, family, friends, etc. influence your thinking.

If you compare those people who have the “whole package”.  Success, happiness, wealth, you will notice that they’ve worked an awful lot on understanding their thoughts, beliefs and personal gardens.  They are able to dismiss the negatives and keep positive because they are centered within and not looking outside for answers.  They stay content and at peace, even though the world around is suffering.

So it is possible to win your life.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, your age, or diseases.  It’s easy, but requires consistency.  A change of mindset.  A willing to plant new beliefs, water them with love, and your harvest will be abundant feeding you and those you touch.

If you like what I wrote, please like and share with me, how you plan to tend your garden.

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