We’ve found that the questions Buyers ask, vary greatly and all depends if they are a First-Time Buyer, Move-Up Buyer, Investor, Senior, New Immigrant, etc.

I’m just going to list the most common questions and the answers will vary depending on your personal circumstances:

First Time Buyer:

1.  How much down payment do I need to buy?
2.  How does the maintenance fee work?
3.  How much are the bills going to cost me?
4.  How much is property tax?
5. Everything about mortgage.  We would further explain financing and answers questions they would have not thought of depending on their personal financial circumstances.  Such as the monthly cost, term, rate, principal payment, interest payment, net monthly calculations, pre-payments, penalties, insurance, etc.   Usually the mortgage broker we recommend does a fine job, but we work with them for longer and they trust us to help them best.

6.  Should I buy a house or condo?
7.  Title Insurance
8.  CMHC Insurance
9.  Land Transfer Tax Cost – Calculated and Rebates
10.  Transportation & Amenities

Move-Up Buyers:

1.  Should I buy first or sell?  (this is the most important decision you will make)
2.  Refinancing and/or port the existing mortgage
3.  What are the penalties on breaking a mortgage
4.  What are the schools like in this particular neighborhood?
5.  What is the best Mortgage rate I can get?
6.  What size home can I get in this budget?

** Move up buyers have many more conditions having lived in a home because they buy a new home for a particular reason.  Family is growing.  New job.  School for a child.  Personal health.  Kids have left home and need a new smaller house/condo.  etc.


1.  Where are the best deals to be had?
2.  What’s the rental market like?
3.  I have $100K in cash, what can I get?
4.  Should I buy pre-construction or resale?
5.  Are there any run down houses I can buy and flip?


1.  I would like to sell my home and buy a condo, what can I get in this budget?
2.  What amenities are nearby that I can use?
3.  What can I buy near my church, children, doctor, etc.?

New Immigrants:

1.  How can I buy a home?
2.  How much downpayment would I need?
3.  Should I buy a house or condo?

These are just some of the questions Buyers ask of us and we would happy to sit down with you and answer all your questions.  There is no right or wrong, good or dumb questions.  So give us a call and book your FREE Buyer Consultation at our office.

Jas Jagpal, BSc. Broker

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