FAQ Selling Your House

Selling your house is a stressful time for many homeowners.  Most people claim they wouldn’t move if they didn’t have to.  People move in order to improve their life situation.  It doesn’t matter if they are downsizing their house or upsizing to a larger one.  The eventual goal is to be more comfortable in your next place and be financially viable.

So what are the FAQs Homeowners have when it is time to sell?

1.  Understandably most homeowners are concerned about how much money will they get after the sale of their house.  After all it will play a big role in what they buy next.

2.  A close second is, how much commission do you charge?  Often this is the first question home sellers ask, especially those that have never sold a home and don’t understand the service provided by an experienced team.

What Questions should Home Owners ask?

1.  How long will it take to sell my house

2.  How does your team Market my house?

3.  How much am I going to “net”  on the sale of my house?

4.  If I don’t like your service, will you give me a 30 Day Cancellation Guarantee in writing?

Sold Guarantee - Easy Exit

Why these 4 questions only?  Well you can ask many more but these four will take care of most Sellers needs.   First, if you are working with a legitimate, full-time team that is going to work hard to market and sell your home, they will be able to give you a time frame on how long it will take to sell your house.  You want this as it helps alleviate stress and anxiety of “not-knowing”!

Secondly, if they are willing to complete a net sheet with you… then you know you are working with an experienced REALTOR®.   They will have a good sense of the market price and be able to help you negotiate the best price.

More importantly you get rid of any unprofessional REALTOR® who is trying to “buy” your listing.  They do this by giving you an inflated price of your home so you would list with them… later they will get you to price reduce which hurts your bottom line.

Finally, if they give you a 30 Day Cancellation Guarantee, you know that they are serious about selling your house and not just “listing” it to see what happens.

It’s important to ask those questions to any REALTOR® you interview for the job of selling your house.  If they can’t give you a 30 Day Cancellation Guarantee in the GTA… then I would move on to the next REALTOR® who will.

As always if you have any questions buying or selling, give me a call and I’d be more than happy to drop by your house and talk to you.

Jas Jagpal, BSc. Broker, Certified Negotiation Expert, Accredited Senior Agent.  647.272.6629

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